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This is is a deeply scary article about a young autistic man trapped in what the author describes, without exaggeration, as an Orwellian nightmare. I can’t put it much better than the original author, so I encourage you to go and read it.

I blogged here about adding SQL support to dhcpd. I’m now reasonably happy with the patch, but have made a couple of tiny updates. These concern the documentation, and a bug which prevented the (probably useless) “name:” field from working. You can find a new patch, again against dhcp 4.2.0, here. See the original post […]

I developed at Flexiant a utility called sparsecopy, which we use to copy around sparse files (and indeed to make non-sparse files sparse, and to copy sparse files to block devices). In essence, it’s a version of dd which supports sparse files better. It’s hidden deep within Flexiant’s web site, and as we released it […]

I run Office 2004 on OS-X (the last one before the horrible ribbon update). Autoupdate has now been running for 10 minutes on a high performance Mac. It knows it has updates to install, but it is “Searching for programs to update”. The program to update is (unsurprisingly) Office 2004, and it is (unsurprisingly) installed […]