I run Office 2004 on OS-X (the last one before the horrible ribbon update). Autoupdate has now been running for 10 minutes on a high performance Mac. It knows it has updates to install, but it is “Searching for programs to update”. The program to update is (unsurprisingly) Office 2004, and it is (unsurprisingly) installed in Applications. It’s presumably easy to detect that, as double clicking a Word file opens the right version of Word etc. But no, Microsoft has apparently determined it is necessary to search every folder on every volume which is a huge amount on my system. Even more amusingly (for those with time to spare), it has 4 updates to install, so searches the disk 4 times. No other updater is this brain-dead.

It’s a pity using Pages and Numbers is not a viable alternative for anyone wanting to exchange documents. Keynote is fantastic though.