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Here is a really interesting article from GigaOM. I’m going to quote two paragraphs: I was a loyal (and repeat) Dell customer. Like clockwork, I would buy a new Dell desktop or laptop, mostly to keep up with Microsoft’s Windows OS. And I never really had a problem with Dell machines — they were solid […]

Last week, Flexiant posted a whitepaper I had written, proclaiming that private cloud was ultimately dead. Jeremiah Dooley (who works in the office of the CTO at VCE) posted a thoughtful riposte yesterday. Firstly, I’d like to thank Jeremiah for taking the time to read the paper before commenting (not everyone did that), and most of all […]

Inspired by this Dilbert cartoon, for a bit of fun I decided to plot GDP as a percentage of national debt (from here, using IMF data) against mathematical ability for 15 years a while ago (from here). I kept it to European countries on the basis they would be at similar stages of development. Is poor […]

Providing trackable download servers seems to be a tricky business. I wanted to reliably log download over http and associate them with an authenticated user, where that authentication is carried out over https (from WordPress), but not pass basic auth parameters to http in the clear for obvious reasons. Further, I wanted to track the […]