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A couple of days ago I wrote about Nominet’s plans to allow registrations in .uk. Apparently it’s not just me that thinks the ideas are misguided. Every person I’ve spoken to who has any significant dealings with Nominet doesn’t think much of them. Even the UK chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC), hardly known for […]

Nominet announced a little while ago a consultation on allowing domains to be registered directly within .uk rather than in So, for instance, you can register rather than In itself this is an interesting proposal worthy of consideration; I think the arguments for and against are pretty balanced. But Nominet has mixed it up […]

I plan to make this the first of an occasional (for which read ‘when I can be bothered’) series on poor science journalism. Let’s look at this slow-news-day article from the BBC News website, entitled “Alcohol calories ‘too often ignored’”. All quotes are from that article. I’m going to presume there was some scientific research behind […]