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I run Office 2004 on OS-X (the last one before the horrible ribbon update). Autoupdate has now been running for 10 minutes on a high performance Mac. It knows it has updates to install, but it is “Searching for programs to update”. The program to update is (unsurprisingly) Office 2004, and it is (unsurprisingly) installed […]

Nominet, the UK internet domain registry, has recently consulted on proposals to allow it to suspend domain names ‘used in connection with criminal activity’. This is a fundamentally misguided proposal, which should be resisted. Details of the proposal, such as there are, can be found here; I think the paper is written by SOCA rather by […]

I wanted to integrate SQL support direct into dhcpd for various reasons, so I wrote a patch. This integrates ISC dhcpd 4.2.0 with libdbi, and thus into MySQL, postgres, and any other SQL database supported by libdbi. This allows dhcpd to dynamically reference an SQL database based on hardware address. Note that in general doing […]

I wrote here about how to build PV drivers for Linux using the unmodified_drivers directory from Xen. The problem with this method is that you need to Xenify an existing kernel. And although the process can be automated a little, it still requires someone to keep Xen patches in sync with the kernel. That’s hard […]

I was somewhat surprised to find that this is non-trivial. The xensource hg repository contains a directory called unmodified_drivers. To be polite, the instructions for building these are woefully incomplete. Also, pulling down the entire xen source code to build a couple of drivers is a pain in the backside. In essence, what you need […]