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Jim Hacker (Yes Minister): “It’s the peoples’ will. I am their leader; I must follow them.”  Recent attitudes to a prospective post-Brexit parliamentary vote shows the declining importance of principle in British politics. It seems to me that in the first 75 years of the last century, politicians had principles which, in general, did not […]

A year or so ago, Nominet‘s board commissioned Sir Michael Lyons to perform an independent external review of Nominet’s operating model and governance arrangements. Sir Michael reported to the board in October, and the board have now released both Sir Michael’s report, and their response. I spoke to Sir Michael briefly at the last AGM, […]

Golang complained today: RSA modulus is not a positive number I wondered whether this was a fault with our cert(s) or whether golang was loading it properly. As there was no canonical resource on the net for how to diagnose it, her’s what I did (some anonymity applied to the cert): First: which gives these […]

My Three Home Signal device has now been down for eight days. Despite their twitter support people (@ThreeUKSupport) saying periodically that they think the problem is fixed, my understanding is that this is pretty much a network-wide outage. Ringing the support number for 3 Home Signal (0800 358 4828) leads to a recorded message saying “We […]

One of the interesting aspects of the 2015 UK election is the disparity between votes cast and seats gained. The table below shows (for the parties that actually gained seats) the number of votes cast, the seats gained, and the votes per seat. It then goes on to show how, if those seats had been […]

I was so excited to receive my five new 46cm/18″ Jala Beech spoons from Amazon today. Well, I was so excited to receive the five massive boxes each containing one spoon, that I thought you’d all enjoy a step-by-step account of the unboxing. Let’s first have a look at how they looked when they arrived. […]

I don’t normally blog about Flexiant related stuff here, but this is a fun open-source skunkworks project, so I’m making an exception. We’ve released, an apache licensed tool that allows you to use the Docker command line you are familiar with across multiple clouds. The announcement is below, but you’ll get a better idea […]

I had a connection with BeThere with my BeBox in bridged mode, with a Mikrotik router behind it. My connection got migrated to Sky when Sky bought the Be business. I lost all but one of my static IPs, but more importantly, bridged mode stopped working. I rung Sky and their helpful advice was that […]

Nominet has a consultation out on changes to its registrar agreement. In short, this one isn’t too bad. The big news is it proposes splitting registrars into three tiers: self-managed, channel partner, and accredited channel partner. I think the first category is too restrictive and would actually save Nominet a lot of bother if it […]

This post is the continuation of my answer to the elves, cakes and gremlins puzzle. One remaining question is the validity of the assumption that its quick and easy to find a value of S that is coprime to the value of L. I blithely asserted this easy, as the probability that two numbers are […]