My contender for the day is the following which I suspect may have been sent by the Russian equivalent of Yoda:

Date: 20 October 2011 14:52:08 +0000
From: Girl Elena <[excised]>
To: [excised]
Subject: I sociable.

Good day my surprised the friend.
interested to find the woman for a life!!! Our agency dating, gives
individual real girls for dating. this system, new complex..
Here one of them: I from Russia, a city of brides.
My name is Elena, mature age 28 years, slavic externality.
It is curious to know me more. You can answer, in my private Mailbox ID:
[excised[ You can see my Pic and to estimate me.
Now you can understand, how my letter has arrived to you.
I hope our interests coincide, on the further communications.
Your frank new friend Elena.

I did not reply as follows:

Your surprised the friend good days you too!
interested indeed I am to find the woman for a life!!?!! you the thanking have your complex agency new for. I the glad am that girls your both the real and the individual. Bored I am pretend the girls and conjoined twins.
Unfortunately photo the mature Elena not open and am sure scanner virus the mistake has made as very frank her. All more the curious about her externalities. Now complete understanding I am of protocol SMTP. Your surprised new friend Alex.

Further examples welcome.