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People wanting Apple Mail to support subscriptions might like to look at: (warning: beta quality). In a future version, I hope to make the ‘omit’ list optionally and automatically contain to a list of folders not subscribed to (i.e. you can use it to automatically track subscriptions rather than do it manually).

I’ve put my current work on the Apache vnc/tcp proxy (explanation here) on github, as people were (quite rightly) complaining a tarball was not particularly helpful. I’ve also added initial support for the guacamole protocol, though this is in need of optimisation. What’s on github is actually a clone of self.disconnect’s repo of apache-websocket, with […]

This blog post tells you how to add an emacs style for programming apache httpd and its modules. This is one of those things that is difficult to google for, as you’ll end up finding emacs modes for editing httpd.conf, or various Java-based apache projects. Nice and simple. Add this to your ~/.emacs file: Then when […]

A while ago, following a line fault I wrote about why BT TotalCare is a total waste of money. I’m sad to say, following a line fault, the situation has not improved. This time, they fixed the fault in what I suppose is a reasonable period of time – that, you would have thought, was […]